Greece is undoubtedlythe unspoiled yachting diamond of the Mediterranean. What better way to cruise around the Greek islands in your own private yacht, with your own professional crew and your very own exclusive Mediterranean ocean.

There are countless places in Greece which have remained unspoiled and these can be all yours.

Aboard all of our luxurious charter yachts, from the performance sailing yachts to the new breed of charter megayachts, there is more on offer than mouth-watering cuisine, exemplary service, diverse destinations and world-class accommodation.

Imagine… a hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest, a restaurant where you pick up gourmet cuisine of your choice, a resort where you can have the company of your friends any time for as long as you are there, a holiday itinerary that enables you to decide where and when to go, at your own pace, or a luxury villa where you can relax undisturbed by outsiders…

A luxury yacht charter is the perfect platform for exploring some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Greece. Our yacht charter brokers can advise you on which luxury yacht to charter that fulfills your individual yachting needs.

Greece is a country with more than 12.000 coastline miles and something less than 15.000 islands.

Sea and Sun are the key players for a period of more than 8 months all year around, offering the perfect holiday for those who wish to swim in the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Greece is the point where western and eastern cultures meet and of course the origin of the Olympic Games.